Get Licensed!

So you think you might like to join the Ham Radio community and get your license? Great! You will not regret that choice. Please read on…

Getting an FCC license for Ham Radio is easier than ever. There are no longer any Morse code requirements and once you have your license, you can get started with minimal equipment at a modest cost.

You will, however, have to invest some time in getting licensed and you will have to take a test. Don’t worry though, there are numerous study guides you can purchase (or borrow) and classes you can take to help you prepare.

In my opinion, one of the best ways to learn the material you need to pass your exam is to join a local radio club and ask if they have training classes. You don’t need to learn in a class but it makes it easier to get questions answered. My second recommendation is to check the ARRL Website. All of the information about license classes, learning methods and testing information can be found in one place.